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Service overview

The Services pane gives a quick overview of all the currently monitored services and their status. The Services tab shows a table that can be sorted by Device, Type, Status and Note and also gives you the ability to filter by Status, Type and Map

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Just like in the Device settings, you can also add new services with the Add button:

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See the Device settings document for more information on how to add a new service.


Each service has individual settings for Polling interval, Timeout and Down count.

  • Polling interval - how often should the Dude check if this device is working. Time between each check
  • Timeout - how long to wait for any response from this service until consider it unresponsive
  • Down count - how many times to Timeout until reporting this service as unavailable

If a device has many services set up for monitoring, each service has it's own polling timer, and they are started at random times, to avoid overloading the device which is monitored. If the Device polling settings say that Interval is 4 seconds, it means that each service is polled at 4 second intervals, but not at the same time as other services. Each service has it's own timer.

The hierarchy of settings is as follows - the most important Polling settings are set in the Service settings, if default are used there, the Device overall settings are looked up for generic service settings, if those are defaults, theMap settings are checked, if the Map settings use defaults, the Global settings are used.

Service settings -> Device settings -> Map settings -> Global settings

If a Device has specific Polling times configured for one of it's Services and other Services have Default, the other services will use Device specific settings. If those are also default, the other services will use the Map settings and so on. But the specifically configured Service will still work on it's own Polling timer Interval and Timeouts.


The Outages tab shows current and previous service reachability issues, their start time, duration and status. This list can be sorted and filtered

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