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Applies to RouterOS: v6.34+

v6.36rc13 and newer builds

In v6.36rc13 and newer software builds The Dude no longer has separate user db. Starting with this build server relies on ROS users.

To access your The Dude server you will have to have user that in it's user group have been configured with following policies:

  • Dude
  • Read
  • Write (optional)
  • FTP (optional) - Client will be able to access sever also without this policy checked, but some resources like images/mibs/etc wont load in this case)
  • Test (optional) - User will be able to run ping, traceroute, bandwith-test and see info in the device popup window.

More details on Users and Group policies in RouterOS can be found in this wiki article.


v6.36rc12 and older builds

The admin pane allows you to set up accounts that connect to The Dude server. The accounts can have different kinds of permissions depending on which user group they belong to.


Adding new admin

In the Add dialog you will be asked for the following:

  • Name - username of the account
  • Password - password of the account
  • Group - which usergroup will it belong to, predefined groups are "full", "read" and "write"
  • Allowed address - from which IP subnet will the account able to connect
  • Allow more than one - If simultaneous logins are possible
  • Separate panels - if each user will see their own Panels, and will not affect the other users by changing the layout of the Panes

User Groups

The following groups exist in The Dude by default:

  • Full - has all rights
  • Read - can't change settings, only view them (has no agent, policy and write permisions)
  • Write - can't become Full user or connect as an agent (has no policy and agent rights)

You can also make new groups, with custom permissions. The following permissions are possible:

  • Read - see configuration
  • Write - save configuration
  • Local - connect to local server
  • Remote - connect to remote servers by specifying an address
  • Web - access to Web service of The Dude - Removed feature! Will be removed from GUI in upcoming software builds.
  • Policy - changing of users and groups
  • Agent - connecting to remote dude systems as an Agent

Active users

In the Active tab you can see currently logged in users for this server.