Manual:The Dude v6/Change DB path

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Applies to RouterOS: v6.34+

Database path change

If you do not wish for The Dude server to use your on-board flash memory you can specify data path in which server should keep all relevant data.

  • To change where the Dude servers stores it's stuff you need to use following command.
 /dude set data-directory=(new_db_path) 

  • To move already existing dude data dir to new path.

1. Disable dude server.

2. Move existing data dir to new location via winbox or ftp/sftp.

3. Change the data-directory to new path

4. Re-enable the server.


Note: We do not suggest to use data stores that are formatted with FAT32 file-system, better before use re-format it as EXT3. For more details on how to do that consult [this ] wiki article.