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Applies to RouterOS: v6.34+


The Links pane shows all connections between devices that are shown on the map. New Links can be added on the map by clicking Add and then choosing Link. When using the Discovery interface, links get added automatically, but can be viewed and edited here.


Adding or Editing

  • Device - IP address of the device that is the master of this link
  • Mastering type - The way the traffic information will be received
  • Interface - which interface is the link connected from, used for traffic information
  • Speed - Maxmum possible speed of link, used in graphs and speed report (value has to be entered in bits per second)
  • Type - Link type, can be selected from predefined list, or add new types. Depending on type, can use different graphical representation on the map

Viewing History

Double clicking on a link, and choosing History will show you the speed graphs of this link. It is possible to turn off graphing on a per-link basis here.


Link types

Several types of links are predefined in The Dude, each with their own Maximum speed and display style. You can make new link types in the Links -> Types tab.