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Hey, Have tried your Dude, and like it very much. I am a bit confused with its rssults in my network (v2 beta). The initial discover found many / all of my devices which was cool.

As well, attached to each of my 12 or 24 port managed switches, I saw 3 or 4 'segment' clouds attached to each one... with nothing else attached. I did not understand why they were there. Most of my devices seem to come from one 'segment' cloud, from one switch.

After a day or two of the Dude server running, I am seeing a few hundred segment clouds attached to the managed switches, and the bulk of my devices attached to one.

Can someone try to explain to me what I am seeing.

As well, as a test, I transferred lots of data. I saw the link lines between two of the switches turn red (which I understand), but I did not see that 'traced' back to my device. Is that because Dude read the SNMP info for logging data transfer rates?

Kinda ignorant when it comes to the different layer models and stuff

no discussion on the wiki ... --N.R. 09:26, 29 August 2006 (EEST)