Number of Wireless Clients

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The Problem

You have multiple wireless access points set up and you would like to monitor the number of connected clients with The Dude.

The Solution

  1. In Dude, go to "Functions" and create a new function called: wireless_clients
  2. Under "Code" paste in the following:
  3. Click on Ok and go back to your network map
  4. Right click on one of your wireless devices and select "Appearance"
  5. Click on the "Label" box and paste the following:
    [device_performance()][Device.ServicesDown][wireless_clients()] Wireless Clients
  6. Click on "Ok" to see your handy work.

Now that you have your number, wouldn't it also be nice to have a graph so you can track the number of clients over time?

How to graph it

  1. Right click on your network object and go to Settings
  2. On the "Services" tab, add a new service
  3. Click on the 3 dots next to Probe
    Fill out the following settings:
    • Name: wireless_probe
    • Type: Function
    • Available: wireless_clients()
    • Error: if(wireless_clients(), "", "")
    • Value: wireless_clients()
    • Unit: Clients
    • rate: None
  4. Click on Ok and select the wireless_probe as your probe
  5. Hit Ok again and you should be graphing the number of wireless clients now.

To add the graph to any other APs you may have, simply add the wireless_probe as a new service