PPPoE With 2Wire Router

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To change a BT 2Wire into a Modem and establish PPPoE on the Mikrotik:

  • 1. In the 2wire, goto Broadband>link config> change parameters to Bridged LLC, untick PVM, and connection type set to Direct IP or DHCP, disable routing.
  • 2. In MT, go to PPP>new interface>PPPOE client, add ISP authentication (AC name was "BT_ADSL").
  • 3. Go to IP>addresses>add address>put your public static IP address and assign it to newly created PPPOE client interface.
  • 4. Delete your current DHCP Client.
  • 5. Change your src-nat rule to PPPOE Client interface.
  • 6. Cross your fingers.

This means that you won't have access to your old 2Wire web interface anymore because you're on a different network, but if you plug an ethernet cable directly into the 2Wire and change your IP address settings to match the "Old" settings of the 2Wire, you will be able to revert the changes if anything went wrong during the above steps...

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