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  • These kind of results will vary greatly with configuration, testing methods, network conditions, network load, etc. etc. use official test results from MT lab to get comparable results HERE on --N.R. 09:44, 13 May 2009 (EEST)
  • Your april 2009 performance page does not document RB450G. Also the issue is that although those might be 'max values' achieved in testing, no one wants their router running at 100% cpu, its very slow to respond to winbox/terminal requests when running at 100%. The Performance Achieved page would allow people to post their particular setup/scenario and the type of performance they are achieving on their hardware, if its a Routerboard, or a custom Intel/AMD built machine. This helps those get a real world perspective on what they can expect to achieve using RouterOS on specific hardware. I'm planning to expand on this page and get input from others so that we can see what people are using for 80mbps loads, 150mbps loads, 250mbps loads in a routed configuration. It would be nice to know what performance difference we might expect from say a quad core vs a dual core running at 100mbps for example. Your performance page does help for some RouterBoard products but not all, and it doesn't help to compare how a RouterBoard measures up to an Intel x86 Dual or Quad Core processor. --User:BrianLewis 07:16, 13 May 2009 (CST)