Upgrading RouterOS with Dude

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The Dude is a free network management and monitoring application by MikroTik. You can also use the Dude to upgrade your routers.


First you need to add RouterOS packages of all needed system types to the Files menu in the Dude


Note: Starting with v6.37 version find manual in following link (Manual:The Dude v6/Files) - https://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Manual:The_Dude_v6/Files

  • Dude upgrade.jpg

Mark as RouterOS

You need to make sure that your RouterOS devices have been marked as "MikroTik device" and as "RouterOS" in their device settings. You should enter the access name and password in the settings too.

  • Dude upgrade4.png

Check version and packages

To check what version and packages are installed currently, double click the device, and check the package menu:

  • Dude upgrade1.jpg

Upgrade one

The Dude will automatically offer you the correct new version from the context menu of the device:

  • Dude upgrade2.jpg

You can also go to the Devices panel and see all available RouterOS devices, their status, and upgrade them all from this location:

  • Dude upgrade3.jpg

Upgrading groups of routers

You can define Groups of routers in the RouterOS --> Group. It is suggested to group routers that are in one network, because if you upgrade all your routers at one time, some of them might reboot while others are still downloading new files from Dude - this would interrupt the upgrade process for some devices because they could loose connectivity.

  • Dude upgrade5.png

Then, you can upgrade many routers with one click:

  • Dude upgrade6.png

Force upgrade

The Force upgrade option in the context menu can be used to downgrade, or use a different version than latest. It will offer all versions that are present in the Files panel