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Note: PayPal payment debugging is possible since versions 2.9.45 and 3.0beta11.

If you are experiencing problems with PayPal payments, first requirement to track the bug is repeatability. If you cannot reproduce the bug, it is very hard to find it.

When you have found circumstances under which a payment fails, follow these steps:

  1. Make an unsuccessful payment - choose a credit, get redirected to PayPal and confirm the payment;
  2. Do not press "Return to merchant";
  3. Do not use any web services on the router for now, including Graphing, User Manager and HotSpot. This means - do not open any web pages from the routers Web server;
  4. Wait about 30 seconds to be sure that PayPal has enough time to process the payment and send response to User Manager;
  5. Go to console/Winbox and make a support output;
  6. Send the supout.rif file with a comment, that it contains PayPal debug information.

Our support department will analyze the debug output and search for the failure reason.

As the debug output is shared across multiple web applications and the output size is limited, it is recommended not to use any web application between PayPal payment and support output file creation. Otherwise the required output can be overwritten by debug output of another application.