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[[File:Dude600.png|thumb]] [ The Dude] is a free application by MikroTik, which can dramatically improve the way you manage your network environment.
{{Note|Dude v4 manual can be found [[Manual:The_Dude4|Here]]}}

It will automatically scan all devices within specified subnets, draw and layout a map of your networks, monitor services of your devices and execute actions based on device state changes.
The Dude from RouterOS v6.34
Not only can you monitor your devices, you can also manage them. Mass upgrade [ RouterOS] devices, configure them right from within the Dude interface, run network monitoring tools etc.
'''The Dude documentation'''
'''General usage'''
* [[Manual:The Dude/Installation|Installation and requirements]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/First use|First launch of the Dude]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Interface|Main window overview]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Exporting|Search and Export to PDF/CSV]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Web interface|Web interface]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Device list|Device list]]
**[[Manual:The_Dude/Device_list#RouterOS|Upgrading RouterOS with the Dude]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Device map|Device map]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Device discovery|Discovering devices]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Device settings|Adding and Editing devices]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Links|Links]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Networks|Networks]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Services|Services and Outages]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Notifications|Notifications]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Charts|Charts]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Functions|Functions]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Agents|Agents / Dude on RouterOS]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Logs|Logs]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Syslog|Syslog server]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/MIB Nodes|MIB nodes]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Probes|Probes]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Server settings|Server settings]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Files|Server files]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Admins|Admins]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Address lists|Address lists]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/History|History]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Panels|Panels]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/Tools|Tools]]
'''Misc Documents'''
* [[Manual:The Dude/Changelog|Version changelog]]
* [[Manual:The Dude/License|The Dude License]]
* [ Dude 4 documentation PDF] ''Note'': the same document can be made by choosing '''Create Book''' at the top of this page.
==User articles==
* [[Manual:The_Dude/Languages|Dude interface translations]]
* [[Dude windows installation]]
* [[Dude Linux Installation]]
* [[The Dude/Dude as a Linux Service]]
* [[Export|Exporting and Importing Configuration]]
* [[Before doing anything guide]]
* [[Getting started with Functions and probes]]
* [[Quick guide to a good probe]]
* [[Using Discovery]]
* [[Device management]]
* [[Graphing Client Signal Strength]]
* [[Multi_node_management|Managing Multiple Remote Bridged Routers]]
* [[Dude as Syslog Server]]
* [[Dude como Servidor Syslog|Dude como Servidor Syslog (el español)]]
* [[Custom probe settings]]
* [[Extra Tools]]
* [[Start The Dude with Shortcut]]
* [[Email notifications]]
* [[Email notifications using... Gmail]]
* [[Alternate SMTP port for notifications]]
* [[Number of Wireless Clients|View and Graph the Number of Wireless Clients]]
* [[Display voltage for Mipsbe devices]]
* [[DOCSIS Statistics (Arris C3, Motorola cablemodems)]] (new)

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Note: Dude v4 manual can be found Here

The Dude from RouterOS v6.34