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Debugging wireless problems using Logs.

By default RouterOS wireless log shows that the client connects and disconnects in a simple matter:

22:32:18 wireless,info 00:80:48:41:AF:2A@wlan1: connected

It is enough for regular user to know that the wireless client with MAC address "00:80:48:41:AF:2A" is connected to wireless interface "wlan1". But actually there a more log entries that aren't shown here. They are called 'debug' logs which give more detailed information. For example the same client connects to the AP and with debug logs you will see more info than previosly:

22:33:20 wireless,debug wlan1: 00:80:48:41:AF:2A attempts to connect
22:33:20 wireless,debug wlan1: 00:80:48:41:AF:2A not in local ACL, by default accept
22:33:20 wireless,info 00:80:48:41:AF:2A@wlan1: connected

These logs will give you more specific info what is happening, first line shows that the wireless client tries to connect to the AP. On the second line the AP checks if that client is allowed to connect to the AP. And only on the third line you will see that the client is connected. This only one example of the debug log messages. The description of all the debug entries is written below.

To enable the wireless debug logs you should execute such commands:

[admin@MikroTik] > /system logging                                            
[admin@MikroTik] system logging> add topics=wireless,debug action=memory

This will help you understand and fix wireless problems with ease, and with less interaction with the support team.