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Applies to RouterOS: v6.34+



Agents are other Dude servers that can be used as intermediaries for device monitoring. Starting from RouterOS 6.38.x any RouterOS device can be a Dude agent without any installation or configuration required. This means you can make complex Dude network topology without installing multiple Dude servers. Agents are able to gather the same data from monitored devices as Dude servers. Agents are especially useful if you want to monitor devices within different locations, not all of which are directly reachable.

Starting from V6.38


Warning: For server to be able to work with added agents they need to be the same version as The Dude server.

Using Dude agents since 6.38 is made very simple, first you need to add a device to your map, this can be done using "Discover option" or simple "Add Device".


To discover remote network from the Dude agent, you only need to specify which agent you will use.


All data from remote network will be sent trough this agent. If the agent goes down, all devices will be considered as down.

Before V6.38



Note: As the most simple example - you could have a Dude server monitoring your office computers, and when you would want to monitor devices in your branch office, you would install the Dude server package on the branch office Gateway router, and then specify this device as an agent. This agent would then be able to scan and monitor devices behind itself, inside the private network.

You can specify Agents when using the Server settings, Device discovery and also when setting up devices manually.

Clicking the browse button ... next to the Agent dropdown in both of those places allows you to add and edit agents.

Dude agents.JPG


Warning: For dude to be able to work with added agents they need to be the same version as dude server. If they are from different software build you will see notification message "version mismatch" and that agent will be inactive.

RouterOS as Agent

To scan and monitor a network which is behind another router, in some other location, it is possible to install the Dude Server/Agent onto a RouterOS device.

To do this, you need to install the Dude package onto RouterOS:

  • Download package from the MikroTik software download page
  • Upload the package to RouterOS with Winbox, Webfig or FTP
  • Reboot the router to install the package
  • After install is complete, connect to the Dude server IP from the Dude windows client application


Note: The only sign that the Dude package is installed in RouterOS, is that the Dude package will appear in the /system packages menu. Package related settings you can find in /dude menu