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Applies to RouterOS: v6.34+


The Dude is free software, no purchase is necessary. You can download The Dude from the MikroTik web page, in the download section. Under the required instruction set you will see Server package NPK file for RouterOS, and a bit lower in general section Client installation executable for The Dude client side.

System requirements for client

The Dude client should run on pretty much all of Windows versions starting with Windows XP. Client program does not require much resources so low spec windows computers for monitoring needs will do just fine.

The client can also be used on Linux and MacOS if using Wine or Darwine respectively.

System requirements for server package


  • v6.34rc13 or newer


  • TILE devices;
  • ARM devices;
  • MMIPS devices;
  • RouterOS x86 installations;
  • RouterOS CHR environment

Note: Use of dude server package is not supported on other hardware.


Note: For models with 16MB on-board storage use of USB/μSD storage is required to run The Dude server on the device.


Note: Preferably you should use industrial grade mircoSD cards and USB drives as they have longer life cycle under applications that can write data to flash more frequently as The Dude server database in this case. For large network monitoring it is suggested to us highly reliable HDD/SSD drives.

Installation process


Server side

  • Upload dude .npk package to RouterOS host on which you will use it and reboot it to finish installation.
  • To enable or disable server use command:
/dude set enabled=(yes/no)
  • After that just check, If dude server is up and running with command: "/dude print"
[admin@MikroTik] > /dude print 
         enabled: yes
  data-directory: dude
          status: running

  • by default all The Dude data is stored on system disk, if you wish to change it's location the use this command:
/dude set data-directory=(new_db_path)

For more info on how to work with attached storage please check this wiki article: Disks

  • Now you are up and running. Just connect with The Dude client and start working.

Client side

Windows Client

Windows Client is at the moment considered main Viewing/Management interface for the Dude server.

  • Install Client software by following steps through the software installation wizard.


  • Client shortcuts are now added to Start menu applications list on your workstation.


  • Now just open the client and connect to The Dude server host. Use your host device admin credentials to access server.
Web interface

Starting with v6.38rc software build The Dude server is viewable and configurable also through RouterOS Web interface (Webfig). Just enter your server host device IP address in browser and log into Webfig interface. Then on the left side menu you can get into Dude configuration section.

Link to Webfig manual page

Winbox interface

Starting with v6.38rc software build The Dude server is configurable also through Winbox configuration tool. To successfully access host on which The Dude server is running you will need winbox that is at least v3.7 or newer build. Latest build can always find on our main download page. Winbox download Link is located on the lower side of page.

Link to Winbox manual page

After you log into The Dude server host you will be able to find Dude configuration menu on right side menu selection panel.

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