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Usually user accounts are created by customers. But users can also sign-up by filling in the sign-up form. This feature is available since version 2.9.31.


User sign-up can be enabled per customer. I.e., some customers can allow it while others don't.

Sign-up is disabled by default. To enable it several requirements must be met:

  • Customer, who wants to allow sign-up, must have public ID. Since Only subscribers have permissions to edit customers, this public ID must be assigned by the subscriber. In other words - subscriber must configure public IDs for its customers.
  • Subscriber must have at least one credit with full price specified;
  • In the case when users access sign-up page from a local address which is not accessible from outside (global Internet) subscriber must have public host address configured. This address is needed by PayPal, payment response will be sent to this it;
  • The customer has to enable sign-up by checking the "Signup allowed" box in Signup options section;
  • The subscriber must have at least one payment method enabled and configured;
  • The customer should have email address specified. Email will be send to users who sign up (if the user specifies his/her email address) using this as the from-address;
  • SMTP-server should be specified. It can be done via console, under tool email, command "set". This SMTP server will be used to send email reminding user's account data. Users can however log on to the HotSpot after a successful payment without receiving this email;
  • Signup email subject and body can be personalized. There are defaults defined, but one can customize them. However there are constant strings (will be replaced by actual values) that must be present within the message body. See sign-up email body field definition.

Sign-up steps

User sign-up can divided in following steps:

  • Subscriber configures required parameters (described above);
  • User creates an account:
    • User opens sign-up page URL in the browser;
    • User fills in the sign-up form;
    • User chooses credit;
    • User chooses payment method;
    • An inactive account is created for the user;
  • User activates the account (executes payment):
    • User is redirected to Payment Gateway;
    • The payment is being processed;
    • Payment gateway sends response (was the payment successful or not) to User Manager router;
    • The account gets activated (if the payment was successful);
  • User can start using services. Status check and setting change can be done in the user web-page.

May seem a little confusing, but all these steps are simple and can be done in several minutes.

Creating account

User opens http://routerIP/user/signup, where routerIP must be replaced with the IP address of the User Manager router and publicID must be replaced with subscribers public id.

Sign-up form will be shown:

sign-up form

Input fields:

  • email. Email address for user account. must be unique per subscriber. Account data will be sent to this address if one specified;
  • login. Desired username. If user prefix is defined, it is shown at the left and cannot be changed. So the prefix is already predefined (may be empty), the remaining part of username can be chosen. IT must be at least 3 characters long. Example: if the prefix is "cu" (shown on the left) and "test" is entered as the remaining part, the username will be "cutest";
  • password. Self explanatory;
  • confirm password. Password once again to reduce possibility to mistype it;
  • time. The initial credit for the user account;
  • pay with. Payment method selector.

After the "sign up" button is pressed, authorization data is show to the user. He/She must remember this data as it will be required to log in later:

Sign-up confirmation

If the "Cancel" button is pressed, user is returned to sign-up form.

If the "Pay with ..." button is pressed, an inactive account is being created and the user is redirected to payment gateway.

Activating account

On a successful payment, the account is activated and the user is returned to User Manager/User page where he/she can check the status of the account.

If the email address was specified in sign-up form, an email with authorization information is sent to it. The text is customizable in customer web-page. By default it looks like this:

Your authorization data:
login: userLogin
password: userPassword

To check your status and buy extented time go to address


  • userLogin is the username (login);
  • userPassword is the password.
  • is the hostname of the User Manager router;


After successful account activation user is able to start using services (Hotspot). Status and settings are available in user web-page.