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It is in fact possible to do custom interface translations of the Dude program, which can help many non-english speaking users. Here we will describe the making of the files, and the use of them.

The source file

Simply install The Dude with the Latvian language interface, and find the file strings.txt in the installation directory (c:/program files/dude). The file contains all terms and phrases used in the Dude, next to which are the translations that you can customize. Example:

'Color' 'Krāsa'
'Command' 'Komanda'

On the left you see the reference term, on the right you see the translated word. To change this to another language, simply change the second word. Example in German:

'Color' 'Farbe'
'Command' 'Befehl'

Then, save the file and Dude will load it on next program start.

User translations

All files should be made in UTF-8, to use - rename to "strings.txt" and put into The Dude directory"
When you download an interface translation, and you install it, at least for 2.2, you must not start the Dude after the installation with Latvian language, to prevent any strings to be created in Latvian. Start the Dude after you copy the strings into the program folder, or you will have to use a new Dude DB to prevent some strings created in latvian, in the left panel.